News from the Bondy-Denomy Lab

Erin receives UCSF fellowship!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
03 July 2023

We congratulate Erin on receiving UCSF’s Fletcher Jones Fellowship for excellence in research!

Heloise leaves for Grad School at Rockefeller University

Joe Bondy-Denomy
02 July 2023

Heloise has been accepted to and leaves for PhD at Rockefeller University, where she will continue studying new bacterial immune systems. Congrats Heloise!

Harshu rotates in lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 July 2023

We welcome rotation student Harshu Musunuri to the lab. She will be working on the molecular mechanism of a new bacterial immune system. Welcome Harshu!

Matt Johnson starts job at Metagenomi!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 June 2023

We congratulate Matt on his new position as senior bioinformatics engineer at the biotech Metagenomi, which mines natural microbial communities to discover new genome editing tools and develop the next-generation of therapies for genetic diseases. Congrats Matt!

Deepto receives NIH F32 award!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 May 2023

We congratulate Deepto on receiving the NIH F32 Ruth L. Kirschstein Post-doctoral Fellowship!