News from the Bondy-Denomy Lab

JBD Lab publishes pre-print on next-gen proteomics of Jumbo phage!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
15 January 2023

In collab with the Krogan Lab at UCSF, we published a pre-print describing next-gen interaction proteomics of Jumbo phage and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Tim joins the lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
03 January 2023

We welcome postdoctoral fellow Tim Klein to the lab. He will be working on biochemical aspect of new immune systems in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and establishing new model systems in Listeria.

Shweta starts job at Orbital Therapeutics!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
15 December 2022

We congratulate Shweta on her new scientist position at the biotech Orbital Therapeutics, which uses RNA-based medicine to treat human disease. Congrats Shweta!

Jingwen publish paper on Cas13a phage genome engineering!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
07 December 2022

Work spearheaded by Jingwen on Cas13a mediated editing of phage genomes is published!

JBD Lab publishes a paper on AcrIF24!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 December 2022

In collab with the Leifu Chang Lab at Purdue, we published a paper on the structural and molecular mechanism of AcrIF24.