News from the Bondy-Denomy Lab

Matt publishes pre-print on core defense hotspots!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
11 November 2022

Matt identifies anti-phage defense hotspots uniquely flanked by essential, core genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Ruth rotates in the lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
15 October 2022

We welcome rotation student Ruth Groza to the lab. She will be working on establishing new model systems to study core defense hotspots. Welcome Ruth!

Nicole and alum Rafa publish paper on Cas12a ssDNA targeting!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
23 June 2022

Nicole and Rafa publish a paper demonstrating that CRISPR-Cas12a degradation of ssDNA does not play a role in anti-phage bacterial immunity.

Matt publishes paper probing Cas13a inhibitors!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
02 June 2022

Work spearheaded by Matt is published that shows newly identified Cas13a Acrs actually lack inhibition activity.

Shewta and alumni Sutharsan and Adair publish paper on Cascade-Cas3!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
17 May 2022

Shweta, Sutharsa, and Adair published a paper on the localization of the Type I CRISPR complex and Cas3 nuclease in bacteria.