News from the Bondy-Denomy Lab

Januka joins the lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 October 2021

We welcome EMBO postdoctoral fellow Januka Athukoralage to the lab. He will study the immune biology of Acinetobacter baumannii.

Julia rotates in the lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
28 September 2021

We welcome rotation student Julia Kim to the lab. She will be working on the characterization of new bacterial immune systems. Welcome Julia!

Deepto joins the lab

Joe Bondy-Denomy
01 September 2021

We welcome postdoctoral fellow Deepto Mozumdar to the lab. He will be co-mentored by the Agard Lab at UCSF to study the jumbo phage PhiKZ and its mechanism of defense.

Congrats Erin!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
28 May 2021

Some big accomplishments for Erin: She has passed her PhD qualifying exam and has been award the UCSF Discovery Fellowship. Congratulations!

Congrats Lina and Senén!

Joe Bondy-Denomy
14 May 2021

A huge day for the Bondy-Denomy Lab: both Senén and Lina defend their PhD theses! Congratulations Dr. Mendoza and Dr. León!